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Hi, I'm Suzie

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My Story

Having previously been a primary school teacher, I unfortunately suffered a collapsed lung and became seriously unwell ending up bed and later house bound for many years.


At the time, I was encouraged to try Pilates as a method to help alleviate my chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia symptoms, and amazingly I gradually began to recover. I decided to use my previous teaching skills and experience to become a Pilates instructor, and later expand my knowledge into a whole range of other movement therapies.  

I personally still have day-to-day challenges relating to my gut and energy levels, but with regular movement practise I keep my pain levels at bay, and I am hopefully an advocate and true example of how mind and body movement can support recovery! 

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Interesting facts about me

The little things you might not expect

I'm a cat lover, but always thought animals were a complete no, no due to my severe allergies and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) diagnosis. However, I was unaware until recently that the bengal breed are great for allergy suffers and I now have a non-allergic cat called Kezzie - she's a two striped rather than a rosetted bengal! 


If you're coming to the studio you'll also be surprised to see that I have a rather large collection of over 400 variously sized rubber ducks. A trend that started many years ago, most of my rubber duck collection have been gifted from clients on their travels around the world - so, the challenge is on to find the next unique rubber duck!

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Inside The Pilates Studio

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My Pilates Qualifications and Experience 
  • May 2017 - Pilates Foundation – Hip, Knee and Shoulder Replacements

  • June 2017 - Anatomy in Motion – Gait Analysis and The Flow Motion Model

  • July 2017 - APPI - Pilates for Spinal Surgery and Hypermobility 

  • Oct 2017 - Pink Ribbon Post Rehab Breast Cancer Certification

  • Nov 2017 - STOTT Pilates – Zenga Instructor Foundation Equipment Course

  • April 2018 - APPI - Know Pain Course

  • Sept 2018 - Fitpro Live – Osteoporosis Workshop

  • Oct 2018 - The Running and Movement School – Movement Re-patterning for Rehabilitation

  • Sept 2019 - Polestar Pilates – Chronic Illness – The Impact on Movement and Health

  • Oct 2019 - The Running & Movement School – Certified Running Technique Specialist

  • Nov 2019 - Polestar Pilates – Bring the Foot Back to Health – Joseph Pilates Original Foot Equipment

  • Nov 2019 - STOTT Pilates - Symposium Workshops

  • Jan 2020 - Anatomy in Motion – Lower Body Workshop

  • Oct 2020 - Bradcliff Breathing Method – Bradcliff Level 1 Course 

  • Dec 2020 - Psychological Fitness Academy – Certified Psychological Fitness Specialist

  • Dec 2020 - APPI - Pilates Wheel

  • Feb 2021 - WALX Diploma – Fitness and Nordic Walking 

  • Dec 2022 - STOTT Pilates – Beyond the Biomechanical Principles 

  • Feb 2022 - Hypervibe – Foundational Training Course

  • Mar 2022 - Menopause Awareness for Pilates Teachers, with Dinah Siman

  • Apr 2022 - Chronic Pain Course with Jeannie di Bon (Zebra Club Founder)

  • Apr 2022 - STOTT Pilates – Essential Matwork on Stability Cushions

  • Aug 2022 - Anatomy in Motion – Flow Motion Model revisited 

  • Sept 2022 - SuperBrain Cognitive Behaviour Training

  • Oct 2022 - Buteyko Breathing Method 

  • Nov 2022 - STOTT Pilates – Symposium Workshops

  • Jan  2023 - EDS ECHO Fundamentals of Integral Movement Method (IMM)

  • Feb 2023 - Polestar Pilates – Comprehensive Transition Course

  • July 2023 - (+ onwards 2024)  RMTI Primitive Reflex Training 

  • Oct 2023 - Black Board Foot Training

  • Nov 2023 - STOTT Pilates – Symposium Workshops 

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"I have attended sessions with Suzie for a long time. She provides bespoke exercises to meet my needs and ability; no two sessions are ever the same, so always challenging and enjoyable! Suzie has built my confidence to stretch myself and attempt things I might not have believed myself capable of when I first started working with her. Thank you Suzie!"
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