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Pilates withSuzie

Bespoke. Mindful. Movement.

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Hi, I'm Suzie

I have over 15 years experience in a variety of movement methodologies, which I combine with Pilates. I specialise in an individual mind and body approach to movement and movement re-patterning. I provide individually tailored sessions to meet your specific needs, enabling you to discover your true possibilities and learn about strategies for healing. 

Having completed all the various pilates methods, I have continued to learn by diversifying into other movement methodologies, including:

  • Anatomy in Motion (gait based movement)

  • The Walking & Running School (6 or 12 week improving walking or running techniques)

  • Integral Movement Method (IMM) (movement specifically for hypermobility)

  • Blackboard (foot based movement)

  • RMTI (reflex based movement)

I just love learning!

Introducing Mindful Movement

My programmes are designed to help you connect with your body, improve your posture and balance, and build strength and flexibility from within. I'll support you to read your own body, and we'll explore your movement patterns, the reasons behind why you've developed certain movements and how we can improve your future movement, emphasising the importance of proper form and alignment.

Time and space for exploring your body gives time for reflection, which helps give clearer perspectives and clarity on being able to truly read your body. Internal feedback needs to be restored so you can respond quicker and better to what it's trying to tell you.

Session Options

  • Please book a consultation before booking a package.

    60 British pounds

6 Session Package



6 sessions tailored to you and your needs.

Valid until canceled

Best Value

12 Session Package



12 sessions tailored to you and your needs.

Valid until canceled

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What to expect at a consultation

The initial consultation will primarily access your current movement patterns and postural strategies through a range of exercises, which will help identify areas to work on and improve in future blocks of sessions.

My Qualifications
"I have attended sessions with Suzie for a long time. She provides bespoke exercises to meet my needs and ability; no two sessions are ever the same, so always challenging and enjoyable! Suzie has built my confidence to stretch myself and attempt things I might not have believed myself capable of when I first started working with her. Thank you Suzie!"
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Contact me

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