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Reformer Pilates

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Methods used for Reformer Pilates

Tailored exercises for your specific needs.

The Reformer is one of Joseph Pilates originally designed larger pilates machines, and it is the most versatile of all his equipment.


The Reformer provides various opportunities to work in all functional positions, from seated and standing exercises to kneeling and 4 point kneeling. It also has the ability to either make exercises more supportive or more challenging with varying levels of resistance, meaning a tailored programme can be created that is completely bespoke to you, your body and the level of intensity you need.

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What is Reformer Pilates?

As a fully certified instructor, I can guide you through exercises using a specially-designed machine, known as the REFORMER. The Reformer includes a sliding carriage, springs, ropes and straps to support your body weight. This unique piece of equipment allows you to add as much or as little resistance to your sessions as you need.

My personalised approach means that working together, a unique plan that fits your goals can be created, so you can feel confident every step of the way.

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How Reformer Pilates
can help you

The Reformer has a huge selection of rehabilitation style exercises. Joseph Pilates originally planned that clients would only progress to matwork Pilates once they had correctly mastered all movement patterns on the Reformer and other Pilates equipment. So, REFORMER Pilates can help guide your body and to improve posture, strength and flexibility with support. Progression can then be made towards using just your own body (such as in matwork Pilates).

Session Options
  • Please book a consultation before booking a package.

    60 British pounds
Client Feedback
"I have attended sessions with Suzie for a long time. She provides bespoke exercises to meet my needs and ability; no two sessions are ever the same, so always challenging and enjoyable! Suzie has built my confidence to stretch myself and attempt things I might not have believed myself capable of when I first started working with her. Thank you Suzie!"
My Qualifications
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