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Pilates for IBS & Gut Health

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Methods used for IBS & Gut Health

How a Mind and Body approach to movement can help 

Focusing on your breath and being able to move your body with no tension can help to calm down an overactive nervous system, and as a result improve gut and IBS related health issues. 


Lying down Pilates exercises, known as supine, and those which encourage elongation of the body are often the most effective for gut health, and by combining these with primitive reflex based movements from RMTI, can help restore natural body rhythms and release gut tension. 

Reflex movements are gentle movements which tap into the natural rhythms of the body and are very powerful, but also very relaxing! They can be done to you, known as passive, or by you, known as active.

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How are Pilates and other movement methodologies linked to IBS & Gut Health?  

Taking a holistic approach to exercise and movement will benefit both the mind and body, including the digestive systemBy tailoring the exercises and positions of the exercises to your unique needs can help alleviate symptoms of IBS.

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How tailored movement can help if you suffer with IBS & Gut Issues

Pilates and reflex movements can help calm your nervous system which is connected directly to the gut. Most people (me included) who suffer with IBS and gut health issues have an overstimulated vagus nerve and nervous system, which is often stuck in fight or flight mode, making digestion harder.  

Being more body aware enables you to take back control, and being able to focus in on your nervous system will help reduce the flare ups by spotting the signs and catching them early. 

Session Options
  • Please book a consultation before booking a package.

    60 British pounds
Client Feedback
"I have attended sessions with Suzie for a long time. She provides bespoke exercises to meet my needs and ability; no two sessions are ever the same, so always challenging and enjoyable! Suzie has built my confidence to stretch myself and attempt things I might not have believed myself capable of when I first started working with her. Thank you Suzie!"
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